Monday, June 21, 2010

while the Drunken Housewife is away

On Father's Day, we went off to "Sunday Streets", where major streets are closed to cars for five hours, to get some exercise and fresh air. We took a break from following speeding Lola, who darted through the crowds of bicyclists on her little Razor scooter, "Scooty", for some sustenance. At lunch, I urged the children to think of reasons the Sober Husband is a great father.

One of Lola's reasons was "he lets me eat sugar paper." I didn't get it.

"When you were at class, Lola ate sugar paper!" Iris said.

"You were out at your art class," the Sober Husband began.

Lola interrupted. "I said I would eat anything, even paper, so Daddy got me sugar paper. We put a lot of sugar on top of a piece of paper, and I ate it! I proved I would eat a piece of paper!" She beamed proudly.

They all fondly remembered that moment. "So that's the kind of thing you get up to when my back is turned, eh?" I said.

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hughman said...

iris is quick to throw lola and the SH under the bus, huh?