Friday, June 18, 2010

Aga Legacy and La Cornu Cornufe

If you have any information to report regarding either the Aga Legacy or the La Cornu Cornufe range, please, speak now before yer old Drunken Housewife spends far more money than she has on one of them.


hughman said...

spoken like a true lawyer.

the Drunken Housewife said...

We're putting more time and energy into researching and buying a new oven than we did in buying our last 3 used cars... combined. I have stayed up late into the night many nights, reading range product descriptions and forums where people bitch about their ovens.

hughman said...

i love it. mostly because i believe you love this kind of project where you can research and debate the evidence and formulate a case. it also brings me joy to know the end result, the "ruling" if you will, is one that will make your life easier and satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Two things to consider-

You know how heavy your cast iron pans are? The Aga is about a billion times heavier. We had to have our floor reinforced (after the stove fell through it).

The heat storage principle really works and your stove will always be at least warm. It made my kitchen unbearably hot in the warm months, but of course I live in Southern California.

However they do look beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Do you mean Aga Legacy? I couldn't find a Legend on the Aga website. I think if you buy an Aga, it should be the original cookers. Otherwise go for La Cornue. Have you looked at Cornufe, La Cornue's cheaper line? I quite like that one as well.

the Drunken Housewife said...

Yes, the Legacy. It's all blurring together, and I mistyped it as "legend."

The Cornufe is indeed the line from La Cornue we're looking at. Even if I could afford one of the big Chateaus, I couldn't fit it in my small, urban kitchen.

jane said...

in england we used the old school aga, which i thought i would love and actually hated. even in drafty devon, it was too hot. this one is more like a conventional range/oven looks more like it would do the trick.

the old school aga was great at drying clothes, shoes, etc. and it was red. you can't beat a bit of red.

i'm a viking gal now.