Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the moon landing is fake (continued)

this is a guest post by Iris to prove that her theory is correct.

I am also supposed to say that I am ten. but everybody knows that.

in an episode of 30 Rock Jack Donaghy admits that some of the Olympic events like Tetherball were staged so that they could show the U.S. winning and improve citizen moral. I realize that that was just an episode of 30 Rock, but it is obviously based on the moon landing. That is exactly what they did. They took all their money, (there was lots of it,) and in a time when people did not have much faith in the US government, they took an expensive filming studio and filmed a guy walking out of a cylinder in a fancy costume. Then they aired it on tv. Problem solved!

It really is kind of simple when you think about it.

When I get proved right, you peeps will all bow down in respect, and say "Oh Iris, I'm so sorry I ever doubted you. You were right all along."

And then will owe me.

summary: the moon landing is fake.


Silliyak said...

Or, if it is proved to you that it was real, you will have to change all of our diapers in our old age!

hughman said...

wait, didn't jack donaghy have a model of the lunar lander when he was a kid that he got on his birthday? i'm surprised you want to destroy his dreams of that glorious event and the gift he recieved!

J9 said...

So, is Iris really Tracy Jordan?

Missy said...

Iris, with all due respect, I was close to your age now when it happened. It did. A more interesting thing for you to research, perhaps, is why people buy into conspiracy theories. What psychological factors are behind the need to agree or create them?

I'm looking forward to your thoughts. Have fun. You can start with the JFK assassination, but there are plenty more other historical events that are popular with conspiracy theorists.

Silliyak said...

If you do a report you can use "Man On The Moon" by REM for music in the background.

NonymousGoatsePants said...

I took a class a number of years ago in Mass Media for an easy A. The main theme of the class was that media creates reality.

This topic is the perfect example. For the vast majority of us, the media craeted the reality that the US put a man on the moon. Unless you were one of the astronauts that went, or alternatively, one of the people involved in the conspiracy to convince the American public that we did go to the moon, then you can't really be sure that we did.

Personally, I think we were there. But there was a lot of international political pressure during this time to meet Kennedy's deadline, that I wouldn't be shocked beyond belief to find out that it was a sham.

So, Iris... Keep an open mind. It might be true. It might not. One thing to consider, though. If we were never on the moon, who or what is shining laser light back at us when we aim a laser at the fancy mirrors the astronauts were supposed to have left up there?

Milo Stevenson said...

dearest iris, i heart you btw. there is a whole episode of mythbusters devoted to this very subject. you should check it out. your everloving subject- natashia