Friday, March 19, 2010

how could that be?

Today the children had no school due to parent-teacher conferences, and it was a rare hot day. I took them to the beach in the Presidio, and we had a picnic and played and hung out. It felt like we'd been there forever as we trudged back to the car. I asked the girls to guess how long they thought we'd been there.

"Five hours! At least five hours!"

I thought it was more like four, but when I turned on the car, we were all shocked to see that it was only three thirty and we'd been there no more than three hours. We couldn't understand why only three hours had exhausted us so much.

Puzzled, Lola said, "Was it me that made it so tiring?"


hughman said...

ah, the beauty of self-awareness.

jane said...

love that kid!