Friday, November 14, 2008

the chart continues

This morning at breakfast I noticed Lola's chart on the table. Lola has helpfully added the label "IRIS BAD CHART", which she showed me. I laughed. "That chart is hilarious, Lola."

Iris Uber Alles made an evil, evil face at me, which made me laugh more. "Make that face at your father." I called the Sober Husband in. "Find Lola's chart hilarious," I instructed him.

"Lola's chart IS hilarious," he said earnestly. Iris glared at him, but by now she was having trouble not laughing herself, and the evil eye she shot at her father was nowhere near as threatening as the glare previously directed at her mother.

"Iris, that's not fair! You're not giving him as bad an expression."

In the brightest little voice imaginable, Lola peeped, "Iris, are you hating Mommy? Right now, are you hating Mommy? I'm going to go get a stamp." Nothing could be happier for Lola than an opportunity to record a sin committed by her sister on the Iris Bad Chart.


hughman said...

wasn't lucy the one who told you you were going to hell? where does that fit in?

the Drunken Housewife said...

I suggested to Iris that if this chart bugs her, that she make a Lucy chart. "Damning Mommy To Hell" would certainly be a valid category. However, Iris is too lazy to make and maintain a chart.

Despite her many formidable quantities, Iris is consistently outgunned and outgeneraled in the sibling wars by little Lola Lucy. Maybe it's the godhead in Lucy that gives her the edge.

Silliyak said...

I think L/L will be a formidable chess opponent in the future.