Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lola does it so you don't have to

Yesterday Lola wanted to dip the vegetarian corndog her father had microwaved for her into chocolate sauce, rather than the customary catsup. Her father asked me if I had any objections. I found the whole idea repugnant but waved a lazy, permissive hand. "Whatever you want, Lolabelle."

Within minutes six year-old Lola came in to report. Her face screwed up with disgust, she said, "Corndogs in chocolate sauce taste... taste... taste... " She couldn't think of a word bad enough, and she instructed me never, ever to try it.


hughman said...

i can only imagine what a chocolate play station would taste like.

Freewheel said...

Even chocolate can't improve a corndog.

J9 said...

One of my kids tried Waffles with catsup and declared it weird. The other tried ranch dressing (my ultimate demise) on a waffle and declared it awesome!