Tuesday, November 04, 2008

a fake car

One of the problems with my still-youthful Volvo, which I acquired last January after the untimely death of my aged Oldsmobile, is that it is a white, midsized sedan. There are an awful lot of white midsized sedans on the streets and in the parking lots of San Francisco. Once I emerged from Lucy's preschool to see five white, midsized sedans parked in a row across from the school.

The children share my irritation. We often walk up to the wrong white Volvo at the grocery store or on the street.

Lucy in particular feels that our car should definitely be a different color. Seeing a bright yellow Beetle, she pronounced, "That is the car of your dreams, Mommy!" Actually the car of my dreams is a burnt-orange Mini Cooper convertible, but the yellow bug was distinctive. Lucy mused, as we passed endless white and gray cars, about what would be best for a car color.

"Red, I think, because there is only one red car in the world!"

"I think there are lots more red cars than that." I drew Lucy's attention to a red car on our side of 32nd Avenue and to another across the street, further down.

Lucy regarded the red car near us with disdain. "That is NOT a real car. THAT IS A FAKE!!"


Kendall said...

I would love to know what Miss Lucy sees as a real car...didn't know McDonald's made life-sized toy cars. : )

kaila said...

My son is often claiming things aren't real now too. Odd things these kids come up with.

Silliyak said...

I think it's a virus the Republicans have put into the water, if you don't like reality, make your own.
I also go back to my advice about "customizing" your car.

Anonymous said...

I feel very strongly that Lucy may be a genius. I think that I am going to deem anything I don't want to acknowledge as "fake". It may be my new strategy for life.

M said...

stickers! just put a sticker in the upper corner of each of the back windows and your car will pop out at you in parking lots. (this is how we recognize our white minivan from afar, especially when we cant see the plate.)

Epiphany said...

If you're looking for more creativity in your life, and have no intention of reselling the Volvo, you could consider making it into an art car! That way, you would be sure to recognize it!