Monday, April 21, 2008

there is no chocolate milk in hell

My old friend Elliott came by yesterday afternoon and was soon acquainted with our household theology, that five year-old Lucy is a god and sends people to hell, where they won't have any friends. Elliott opined that he himself would be going to hell, but he expected an icy cold martini to be waiting for him there.

Eight year-old Iris had never contemplated what one would drink in hell. We asked the God Lucy if Iris could have chocolate milk in hell.

"No! Plain WATER!"

Remembering the old saying, 'in hell they want ice water...", I suggested to Iris that indeed ice water is the very best possible drink to have in that fiery afterlife. Lucy interrupted: "HOT WATER! IRIS JUST GETS HOT WATER!" Elliott, not having incurred the Great God Lucy's wrath, has not had his martini forbidden, but the anger of the Great God Lucy is vast indeed against poor Iris Uber Alles.


Silliyak said...

Has she considered the 42nd Commandment, Thou shalt not pisseth off she who fixeth thy lunch?

Anonymous said...

Lucy is certainly a character. I enjoy reading your blog!

hughman said...

yes, but is there Hot Chocolate'

Bliss said...


my mother used to tell me about hell and iced water all the time when i was growing up.

i had no clue in HELL what she was talking about but i sure was afraid of the way it sounded. LOL