Monday, April 28, 2008

children can't appreciate the glories of Warcraft

After a truly delightful outing to "Bug Day" at a local children's museum (Iris bravely held a giant cockroach; the Sober Husband ate a fried cricket and a fried larva; we learned that the large insects which terrify Iris and Lucy on a regular basis are "crane flies"), the Sober Husband took Lucy off to her soccer game. Eight year-old Iris and I needed something to do, and I proposed we make new, human characters together on "World of Warcraft." Iris, who has long nagged me to try the human side of Warcraft, was excited. Soon our characters were questing and exploring the world.

Iris started getting fidgety. She went outside a few times to check on the cats, while her character was actually in a fight. "I'll come back when she killed him."

Soon Iris got even more restless. "Let's take a Warcraft break, and I don't mean like when you say you're taking a Warcraft break. I mean, let's take a break from Warcraft."


Vodalus said...

I bet Iris would like this game:

Captain Steve said...

I'm with Iris: Warcraft is boring, but stalking people via blog? That's awesome!

Trouble said...

Hah! I had a conversation much like this with my own daughter, who is 14, yesterday.

I was tinkering with the web design for my boyfriend's company, and FINALLY, FINALLY got it to upload right when she called me to pick her up from school. Of course, I took an additional 5 minutes to test the pages, and then I went to get her.

"MOM! I've been waiting here for 10 whole minutes!!!"

It might be that I have a computer addiction, though. And, they know it.

the Drunken Housewife said...

Trouble, you are just begging for trouble admitting your web design skills here. I could use a better template. Let me know if you want a project! I could find some ways of rewarding you (which would hopefully for me fall short of paying you the handsome hourly wage you no doubt deserve).

Unknown said...

The best way around this? Get two Warcraft accounts. I play with my son, and when I'm not home they spend hours playing as "Gnomes".