Thursday, May 11, 2006

my to do list

Don't you love to do lists?

  • buy niece graduation present,
  • change air filters in heat ducts,
  • de-ringworm cats, (oh, the heartbreak and shame of ringworm)
  • vet appt for cat,
  • sell old toddler clothes,
  • sell theremin,
  • get rid of box of old clothes in bedroom,
  • sell ancient PFIQ magazines,
  • follow up on grading pay, dammit (I haven't been paid yet for work I did in Jan. and Feb),
  • check out camping gear for impending camping trips,
  • read to kindergarteners,
  • make a dentist's app't,
  • fill out and mail dental history forms to children's new dentist.

Check out this site for exotic to do lists:

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