Tuesday, May 02, 2006

month of beauty, food, etc...

I'm having a Month of Beauty these days, and by god, someone noticed today and said, "You look really beautiful lately, what is it?" "It's because I'm having a Month of Beauty!" I simpered.

Previously, February was my Month of Health, a rollicking success in which I ate sensibly, drank no alcohol whatsoever, and attempted to exercise regularly (somewhat thrown off by having the flu). This has inspired me to have other self-improvement theme months, and this month, shallow as it may seem, is the Month of Beauty.

For May 1, to kick it off, I actually wore striking and attractive clothing which caught the eye, rather than my usual ultra-casual mommy-on-the go outfits (my normal philsophy is that if they are clean, I'm wearing my baggy, low-cut camo pants, and if I'm in a very bad mood, my Charles Manson t-shirt). On Mon., it was a short, flirty skirt and a low-cut shirt revealing some aging tattooed cleavage. Today, I wore a cute shirt, again making more of an effort with the clothes. Perhaps I'll move on to actually doing something new, as opposed to just being less of a slob.

Dinner tonight: Sicilian food, from my vegetarian cooking of Sicily book (a gift from my mother-in-law, who would have thought she'd give me such a great cookbook). Fettucine with fennel, along with roasted beets (much better than the bare description sounds, sumptuous, succulent fresh beets roasted with fresh squeezed lemon juice, very good olive oil, thyme).

Events of the day: eh, nothing too thrilling, but a nice day. Swimming class with the little one, who was in a swimming mood and participated with vigor. We jumped up and down in the pool, and she hung onto the side while I showed off going underwater. Lunch with two interesting and articulate mommies and their very cute babies. Horrible supermarket outing with children (as smaller child reported with pride to her father, "I cried and cried"). The supermarket is going out of business and everything was reduced, so I stocked up on necessities like razor blades, moisturizer, and gin. I actually bought so much gin and tequila that it didn't fit in my little liquor cabinet, so I put a post-it note on the interior cabinet door stating, "5/06 GIN AND TEQUILA IN GARAGE. DO NOT BUY." Otherwise, I could see myself in a year or so screaming, "WILL SOMEONE RUN OUT TO THE STORE AND GET GIN?" while the garage surplus is left under a coat of dust for my heirs and assigns.

UPDATE: The month of beauty has been a farce. Just like the Month of Health, I have come down with some hideous flu. Today, I am resplendent in a fetish shop t-shirt and sock monkey pajama pants, no make-up, horribly broken-out skin, unbrushed hair, and bare feet. Talk about hot. Yesterday, not quite as sick but feeling crappy, I left the house wearing the bizarre combination of a funky brown paisley poet shirt with capri-length sweat pants because I had no energy to find better pants (I figured since I was going to Haight St., it would be okay). I need a pedicure. Plus, I'm really fat these days. Sigh.

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