Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am a rockstar

Over the weekend, my six year-old daughter made up a song: "I am a rockstar, and I pee everywhere with my penis" were the main lyrics. She sang variations on this theme in the garden, at the top of her lungs, seducing the three year-old into attempting to sing along.

This talk about wanton peeing led to the older child strongly encouraging the younger child to "have a penis" and "pee everywhere." Eventually, taken by the festive air, the younger child fell for this and urinated voluminously, whereupon the older child ran into the kitchen to tattle with vigor. Having heard this whole melodrama from afar, I wasn't inclined to punish the little one, and the manipulative older one was rather taken aback. "But she peed so much, " she wheedled. "All over the garden!"


Mike Todd said...

Scoring a link from C&J on Dailykos? Now you're the rock star! (Please handle your new penis responsibly.)

roguenkatz said...

Damn! I was hoping for an mp3.

Anonymous said...

When my oldest kid asked what his appendage was, I didn't give him a cutesy name for it. Whoops! He and his brother, when they were about 4 and 3, used to do the Penis Chant: Pee-NIS! Pee-NIS! At the top of their (mercifully) little lungs. Sometimes in their "capes" (bath towels) and snowboots, in grocery stores, one day they were leading a little parade of mimics doing the chant at daycare when I picked them up. There are parents who, I bet, still hate me, 10 years later. (They now do an adolescent version of the chant. For an audience of their little sisters- who know the real rock star is Britney Spears. I might prefer they peed all over our garden instead...)

Meetzorp said...

This is possibly the funniest thing I have read so far this year! I'm totally cackling over here.

angryhousewife said...

Penis is just such a fun word for the little ones. My three year old grabbed a large gourd out of the garden and said "now I have a penis like daddy"

my husband muttered under his breath "yeah I wish"

Anonymous said...

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