Monday, April 03, 2006

Not sure how long I can be so perfect

So, lately we've had a lifelong friend of my husband's staying with us, after he was thrown out of another place he was living due to his alcoholism. On top of that, my teenaged pregnant niece came out for a long-overdue weeklong visit.

So add to these new denizens to the already hectic mix of a three year-old, a six year-old, and a husband with two jobs, and the result is a Ton of Work for yours truly. I've been cooking phenomenally healthy meals (such as risotto with leeks and anise, baked endive, homemade vegetable soup). I've been listening sympathetically to our alcoholic friend's problems. I've been balancing on that tightrope with the niece, buying her baby clothes and "Dr. Sears' Baby Book" while advocating for adoption.

I can't keep this up, especially with a severe lack of sleep. There's got to be some backlash.

UPDATE: my beloved niece has gone back home. Our recovering alcoholic friend relapsed, but is back and attending rehab. I've started slacking off on the nutritious meals; recently a box of mac and cheese was seen in the kitchen.

UPDATE MAY: our friend is succeeding in rehab and has become self-sufficient. He's still staying on the couch, but is out-and-about much of the time and fending for himself.

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