Thursday, April 27, 2006

tactless things I said, when I was sober

Today I met up with one of my favorite people, a smart and funny overeducated mother. She's back in the stay-at-home world after a foray into the working world, but she manages to be in a band AND be the director of fundraising at her child's preschool. (Needless to say, she's not lazy like certain Drunken Housewives).

We hadn't seen each other in ages, and I was genuinely happy, but somehow I managed to be incredibly rude, and on an occasion where I was stone sober, well-rested, and adequately caffeinated as well. I managed to sound condescending when I complimented her band, and I also said that I'd happily sleep with her husband, but I wouldn't consider him for a commitment. Ouch! Can we count the ways in which that last statement was rude? Or is it too large and constantly expanding a number?

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Green said...

I say ridiculous things ALL. THE. TIME. I am forever pulling my foot out of my mouth. And I've never been drunk in my life. Maybe I should drink more. Maybe if my mouth were filled with alcohol, I'd speak less?