Sunday, October 26, 2014

the Sober Husband describes the cats

The Sober Husband met a friend and the friend's new girlfriend for coffee.  The girlfriend has cats and asked about our cats.  As the Sober Husband described it, "I told her we had two types of cats."

"What?" interjected Iris, Lola and I all at once.  "What are the two types?"  Republicans and Democrats?  Extroverts and introverts?  Scientologists and agnostics?

"Let him tell the story," said one child reprovingly, after our derisive laughter had gone on long enough.

"So I said we had four adult cats," the Sober Husband continued gamely.

"WRONG!  We have five cats," I pounced.


"Count them on your fingers by name," I said.

"Frowsty, Henry, Emo, and Nert," he said.

"You left out Zorro."

The Sober Husband appeared disgusted at this point that we had somehow acquired five cats without his realizing it.  After some time, he was able to resume his narrative.  "So I said we have kittens, and every year there is some kitten we can't resist, so we are constantly accumulating cats."

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Silliyak said...

Are you still saving rats?