Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a timing issue

This Friday is "Grandparents And Special Friends Day" at Lolz' school.  It is also the day after Valentine's Day.

As I pointed out to the Sober Husband, this timing means that for everyone who has family living out of town, this means that their inlaws will be in town for Valentine's Day.  He hadn't quite connected the dots between the date on the calendar and the note on the calendar to pick his mother up at the airport.  

"We'll have some romance another night," he said optimistically.  "On the bright side, my mother always puts out on Valentine's Day."

"I think you should rephrase that," I said.

It took him a few minutes to understand my objection.  "I mean she comes through.  She'll bring something for the children."


Anonymous said...

Lol, oh my!

Therese said...
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Therese said...

Ok, you're awesome. I wish you had one of those "follow me" buttons but I'll figure out how to do it anyhow.

And I'm sure once upon a time DAD was way happy with Mom could always be counted to put out on V-day.