Saturday, December 15, 2012

this isn't disturbing; no, not at all

The Sober Husband has been bored at work lately, and he calls me from time to time.  The other day we were chatting, and he shared, "Yesterday I was so bored I watched your dot."  He clarified that he has a program which monitors where my cellphone is.  "I watched you drive up Masonic, then wait on Waller, then drive off.  I was so bored, I just sat there watching for a really long time."


2amsomewhere said...

Maybe you should just drive to random, disreputable locations every once in a while to make him wonder what is going on. :-P


NonymousGoatsePants said...

You gotta drive around so that the path spells something. Something like, "I'm F-ing Matt Damon!"

Of course Sarah and what's-his-name got divorced after that, so maybe not that phrase. Perhaps, "GET TO WORK!"

There should be a notification on your cellphone when someone's monitoring you.

hughman said...

you need to line your purse in lead.