Tuesday, July 10, 2012

what is this feeling?

There's something strange going on.  After months of being in a deadly funk, the old Drunken Housewife has been seen smiling and even laughing, sometimes dancing a little in the kitchen while she's cooking.   Could this be... happiness?

It's somewhat of a sudden onset, this feeling of pleasure at being alive.  Just a few days ago I was ranting angrily over the butt-ugly new fence which mars the beauty of my little yard, raised at my neighbor's behest (I had to kill all my beloved jasmine vines AND pay half the cost of this #*@&! ugly fence!!).  Not that long ago, I semi-politely asked the Sober Husband, "Please do not say anything which could be considered REMOTELY STRESSFUL.  Thank you."  It seems like just the other day I was sunk in despondence upon the couch.

What gave me this turn-around?  Some credit goes to the children, who have been so charming and funny and well-behaved lately.  Some goes to our current batch of feral kittens, so clever and smart and beautiful.  The Sober Husband is always a source of support.  I've made some new friends lately; I've been taking some social risks which have paid off generously.  I've been exercising like a fiend (I've lost 37 pounds), and the endorphins are powerful.  But in the end, who can say why a person is happy?  Better to enjoy than to over-analyze.


Claire M. Johnson said...

ENJOY, HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silliyak said...

Well deserved respite.

NonymousGoatsePants said...

I've heard it said that acid stores in your fat cells and can be metabolized during weight loss. It was an explanation for flashbacks.

I'm not sure why i would be concerned about this, since I don't plan on gaining weight. I'm hoping to get large enough to start accreting mass like the larger planets, soon.

Did STH (Sober Tortured Hubby) see the Doggyo news?

Carroll said...

Excellent news, indeed. Let the good times roll on!

drsam said...

Awesome for you!!

Happiness is just so much more fun!

Anonymous said...

Have you been in a 2 week funk. I always found no matter how bad life is on the 14th day of crap, I'm giddy happy no matter what. I could see why those depression survey's asked that question.


PS Miss you on WoW, keep up the awesome weight loss results.

the Drunken Housewife said...

Goatse, maybe it's all the Xanax and antidepressants I've taken over the years. They're all flooding my system as I lose weight!

@Caan: I'm thinking of going back to WoW after a year break! Check back in this space.