Sunday, January 22, 2012

Narcissus, Part II

Last week, two people I know, unprompted, remarked favorably on the muscle tone of my rump, one referring to it as a "toned butt" and the other as a "firm ass."  These remarks were, of course, received favorably by me, whose two chief hobbies these days are working out and making my husband admire my muscles.

Sadly the week before, in a special moment between spouses, I had asked my dear husband if he could see a difference in my posterior, confiding artlessly, "I've been really working on my glutes lately." Put on the spot, he froze up and couldn't answer.  It's a good thing others are taking up the heavy burden of noticing my muscle tone for him; the poor man is flagging beneath the weight of this onerous chore.


Anonymous said...

Yes-poor SH.Maybe you should try not to be such a "hardass"????

the Drunken Housewife said...

Well, the thing is that being so damn muscular is a new development. I haven't been this strong since I was in college. And over the last few years, I was in a lot of chronic pain, then had major abdominal surgery to correct that, then just when I got back on my feet, I severely sprained my ankle & damaged the nerves & ligaments, laming myself for months and months... (not to mention a serious World of Warcraft habit). So I got really, really out of shape after the deadly 1-2 combo of major abdominal surgery & serious ankle injury. It really, really sucked to live in my body after that. It's taken huge amounts of effort and discipline to reinvent this body as one that is a joy to live in, and it's a recent development.

the Drunken Housewife said...

And so the novelty & all the hard work make me crave feedback/acknowledgement!