Thursday, January 19, 2012


Since September I've been weight training with rigor, and the results are unmistakable. Well, to be more honest, the effects would be less noticeable if I weren't always calling people's attention to them.

"Prod my quadriceps! See? Now prod your father's! His is just a bunch of gristle! Mine is like steel! Like titanium!" I commanded obedient little Lola, who asked, "What is 'gristle'? What is a 'quadriceps'?"

On a date night, I reminded the Sober Husband: "Feel free to remark upon my muscle tone at any moment!"

Out with a friend at a party, I was dressed in my crazy steampunk skirt cut up to the upper thigh, and by chance I found myself by a full-length mirror. I had to stop for a moment to admire my own upper leg, usually hidden in more modest attire. "Look at that," I immodestly marveled. "It's so firm." A less indulgent person would have pointed out that admiring oneself in a mirror in public is unbecoming to an adult, but my friend was kind. "It's okay, you've worked hard for it."

The best audience by far has been my gay neighbor, himself an example of devotion to the gym, who humored me by admiring my upper arms. "Now flex! Now make a muscle! Now move your arms like this!" he said, then adding kindly, "Look at that! I'll bet you could throw me on the floor and sit on me." Of course that was a gentle fib, my neighbor being like a Greek god, but I reveled in it. "Now feel my quads," I demanded.


NonymousGoatsePants said...

Throw him on the floor and sit on him? Are you sure he's gay?

Michael said...

Way to go!!!! Hopefully I can follow your lead. I just started back on WW, starting the slow road to being more healthy.

the Drunken Housewife said...

Well, if he's not gay, Goats, he's got his husband-equivalent fooled.

Susan, at this stage in life I'm finding that exercise is working for me but not formally dieting. I used to always take the opposite approach. And, like everyone says, endorphins cheer you up, exercise makes you less hungry, etc... but my newfound commitment to fitness hasn't helped w/my chronic insomnia one bit.

NonymousGoatsePants said...

Husband-equivalent is his beard!