Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Limpy, Gimpy, and Cabin Fever

From the moment the crutches came into the house, Iris fell in love with them. Sure, Iris was completely able-bodied, and yes, they were meant for her mother with the nasty sprain, but that wouldn't keep Iris from continually hijacking them.

We arrived at a crabby compromise that she could have one and I would have one, and she was forbidden to take mine and adjust it to her own height. I wanted the freedom to gimp around on my one crutch whenever I felt like it.

Looking at Iris getting around the house with her crutch, I said, "We should be called 'Gimpy' and 'Limpy.' I'm Gimpy. No, wait, you can be 'Gimpy.'"

"And I'm 'Cabin Fever!'" shouted Lola.

So Gimpy, Limpy, and Cabin Fever have been getting through a dull part of summer vacation, with our usual routine upset by my temporary status as a crippled person. Gimpy and Cabin Fever need to help out more than normal, and I complain more than normal (my ankle really hurts a lot).

Yesterday I, Limpy, decided to try getting around without my crutch. I can now walk slowly and painfully without it. Gimpy used this chance to claim the other crutch and has been enthusiastically getting around on crutches. Going downstairs last night on crutches, Gimpy fell and bruised all the toes on one foot. This brought forth hours of complaint and a renewed commitment to using those crutches at all times.


Crutch Pads or Covers said...

Been there, and it's no fun. Some covers and a pocket from Crutch Buddies could help ease the pain and they look pretty cool too.

Amy said...

You know, I had a friend (Amy Larson, of Chasing Amy) end up in a wheelchair permanently at 32 over an ankle injury.

She tripped on a piece of pavement going into the Eagle and didn't give it time to heal. The joint got arthritic. After lots of treatments that went nowhere, she finally had it fused. Then it just hurt too much so she got a scooter. We lost touch around then, but I gather she can't get around anymore without the scooter.

I don't want to scare you, but be careful! I like you able to walk around!

Amy said...

ps: also, there are ankle braces sold at the sporting goods store which can help a lot. Gay was able to play volleyball the week after her sprain using it. (She paid for this of course, but we've been aggressively icing and drugging the sprain every day before and after).

Carroll said...

How's it going, Carole? Any signs of improvement yet (I hope, I hope)??

the Drunken Housewife said...

I'm getting around, but I have a lot of pain & burning in my ankle. I try to elevate it for several hours a day, and yesterday I iced it for a bit, but I worry I'm overdoing it. It's definitely still swollen and painful.

Carroll said...

Rest assured (no pun painfully intended!) you're overdoing it! Ice is your friend. Burning Man will surely be your enemy. Maybe you an concoct some kind of "performance art" which involves Iris pedaling you around in the side car of a bicycle??

The thing is, you've got kids...and a life. Darn hard *not* to overdo it :-(