Saturday, November 28, 2009

the mafia for beginners

"Did you know Lucy is in the first grade mafia? It's a group of individuals in organized crime who are all in the first grade," narked Iris today. "They go around attacking some people and protecting others. They attack kids that are bigger than them, not littler, and they protect ones that are little."

"Oh, no," demurred organized crime figure Lola. "Sometimes we attack kids that are littler than us."


hughman said...

at least it's organized. organization is a valuable skill. she sounds destined to be a heather.

Silliyak said...

Beware deliveries of dead fish.

Unknown said...

It must be the thing at that age as I clearly remember being in a 'gang' in 1st grade. Me & two boys. I wasn't just the eyecandy either. I was the muscle.

Is Lola the "Don" of this group? No Doubt she will be shortly as she plots to overthrow everyone in her way to leadership. Good Luck to her.