Friday, October 03, 2008

Lucy vs. Monty Python

The Sober Husband is the only one of us who is enamored of Monty Python. Today in the car he said, smiling, "On Monty Python there was this skit where there was this guy named 'Mr. Smokestoomuch', and he went to a clinic, and there was all kinds of confusion. He introduced himself, 'Hello, my name is Mr. Smokestoomuch," and the guy there thought that was funny, so he said, 'I guess you should cut back', and Mr. Smokestoomuch didn't get it. He'd never heard that joke before."

Silence followed this.

"You don't think that's funny? Carole, that's not funny?"

More silence.

"That is funny. I am informing you that that is funny!"

Six year-old Lucy snapped back, "That is not funny, and it never will be funny," with an air of great authority. I laughed.

"Lucy is funnier than Monty Python," I observed. The Sober Husband didn't even try to argue.


JKG said...

The lost art of the non sequitor.

Joyce said...

I'm sorry, but I agree with Anton that that is funny. But Lucy is still funnier.

Silliyak said...

Remind SH to Always Look At The Bright Side of His Life

easyV said...

Whoa...I'm a drunken housewife...and my husband loves Monty Python...*twilight zone music*

hughman said...

yeah, I never got the dead parrot thing either. in terms of british humor i much prefer AbFab. i bet lucy would like it too.

Captain Steve said...

Waaaay funnier.