Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'll leave the conclusions to be drawn to you

Public health experts from the University of Glasgow were able to obtain the childhood mental ability scores of over 8,000 men and women in their 30s, and found -- much to their surprise -- the higher IQ, the higher the likelihood of developing a drinking problem. The correlation existed even after factoring out socioeconomic status, and was stronger in women than it was in men.

The researchers declared the results were "unexpected" and feel the need for "further examination."
(Incidentally I don't have "a drinking problem." I have drinking without problems, happily for me).


2amsomewhere said...

Perhaps the onset of drinking is accompanied by the deepening realization the the opposite sex can be so idiotic?

(not above bashing his own sex, when the merited)

Unknown said...

How do Glaswegians measure a "drinking problem"? Can't the average Scottish twelve-year-old drink an American adult under the table?

JKG said...

I'm completely unsurprised. Is non-plussed the right word? The smarter you are, the more self-evidently necessary drinking is as a response to the proliferation of the less-smart and their attendant behaviors. A way of "coming back to the pack," as it were.

Is that unbearably arrogant of me? Here, why don't you have a drink. Make mine a double.

I suggest the researchers should continue to investigate this matter--perhaps by inviting some of their more intelligent subjects down to the pub. Just to see where that leads, you understand.

kaila said...

Is that why I drink so much? We should do more research.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, at least now we know how the Drunken Housewife came about!

Anonymous said...

Its been found that depression also follows more intelligent, ergo some folks wwalking toward the path toward alcoholism., but unsurprised..yes.

JKG said...

You're right. I'm not perplexed at all.