Sunday, June 22, 2008

the merry laughter of little children

Eight year-old Iris and five year-old Lucy were playing a fascinating game the other day. They were pretending that Iris was a corpse and that Lucy had to take her to a graveyard. Both giggled madly as Lucy pulled Iris all over the downstairs by the ankles, shouting, "CLOSE YOUR EYES!!! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!!!"


hughman said...

this how the adams family's kids play.

2amsomewhere said...

(hands on hips, tongue planted firmly in cheek)

Good heavens! You'll have to sit them down and have them watch the complete cinematic works of George A. Romero so that they can get a proper education on the behavior of the living dead.

(admits to only having watched the parody of the series Return of the Living Dead)

hughman said...

"shaun of the dead" is the funniest in that genre. i don't think iris was really "dead". she was just faking being a corpse to make her sister drag her around the floor.

Silliyak said...

Does this make Lucy a drag queen?

hughman said...

LOL. "Esprit De La Corpse."

JKG said...


largely, I think, because it isn't really of that genre, but a kind of tribute cum send-up. Loved that one, and Hot Fuzz (their second) as well.