Friday, May 30, 2008

Mr. Drunken Househusband 2008 speaks!

Today is a Very Special Day in oh so many ways: I have volunteered to chaperone the pre-k sleepover, so I'll be up all night with a large crowd of insane five year-olds. Also, I am informed that one of the other chaperones, whom I don't know, is an insane control freak, so that should make the evening all the more delightful. So wish me luck, and in the meantime, today I'm handing the Drunken Housewife blog over to our dear Brown, the new titleholder in these parts:

As the newly crowned Mr. Drunken Househusband 2008, I have taken a solemn oath to use my powers for Good and not Evil. This post is in service to that pledge.

First, thank you to Hughman and DH for bestowing this honor upon me -- I can only conclude that there were few other entrants. In spite of the very real humiliation of kissing my own toilet seat and then posting a picture of it all on the intertubes for everyone to see, I find it hard to believe that that truly represents the extremes to which readers of this site would go. So you all must be chickens.

Second, I'm a'gonna testify: NO man! Can call him self a MAN! IF he canNOT bear the COMPany of a STRONG WOMAN!

In that vein, please allow me to introduce my sister.

You may have heard her obliquely referred to here and elsewhere as "Chubby." Both a moniker and a descriptor (as me), she is in the habit of daring me to do crazy stuff like run many miles with her. Last year, I begged and wheedled at the feet of Drunken Housewife readership for your support in what eventually became a one-runner race.

Although she had shamed me into preparing for the half-marathon, poor Chubby was unable to join me. Nevertheless, thanks to your generosity the effort was successful. I finished the run and raised over $1000 for the cause. I immortalized the day here, if you're interested in wasting your time surfing the tubes: The Final Adventure of Fat Man and Chubby.

Well, the Chubster is at it again. Actually, she's often at it (it being pretty much anything). In this case, however, it's a run and a cause that is close to both of our hearts.

The Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth Hitchcock is where my one of my grandfathers received the last medical treatment of his life. Both of them died from cancer, as did Chubby's father-in-law. As did many of the people we once knew--you may have heard: cancer is quite common. While the CHaD race was my big fundraiser, Chubby attempts the Covered Bridges Half Marathon every year in memory of our grandfathers and as a way to help raise some money for such a fine institution.

IN JUST ONE DAY, she will try the run. You have JUST ONE DAY to pitch in and donate. Please help us out. This is one gritty, determined person. Read the race report in that link for a look inside her head. I know that part of what drives her on is knowing that, while she has the option of quiting, cancer doesn't give you that chance.

Chubby's more than halfway to her $1000 goal. Please help me help her get to that line--she will take care of the rest.


JKG said...

Thankyou thankyou thankyou. I'd like to mention that the "JUST 5 DAYS" was accurate 4 days ago [cough-cough]. So, she runs tomorrow. I suspect the Norris Cotton Cancer Center will be happy with your help, nevertheless.

the Drunken Housewife said...

God, I suck, don't I? Sorry about that, Jim.

I intended to put this up sooner, but the cats were on my mind, and then yesterday I got called at the last minute to chaperone a big pre-k field trip. That took every ounce I had yesterday.

Oh, well, I think the words "God, I suck, don't I" cover it pretty well.

JKG said...

Not to worry! Cheers to the 'blog-life.

hughman said...

brown - she must really love you, allowing you to call her chubby and all.

JKG said...

hugh: her choice, not mine. Check her 'blog (link in text).

hughman said...

maybe it is her choice but still, no. trust me or it will come back to bite you. the correct and polite response is "you're not chubby! you're full figured!"

i say this as your friend.

hughman said...

the top pic on this post isn't working (at least not for me). what is it?