Thursday, January 03, 2008

are you an Iris or a Lola?

Are you an edgy intellectual or a charismatic cutie? Are you preternaturally gifted at giving guilt trips or a brooding maker of hate lists? Or perhaps you're a Drunken Housewife or a Sober Husband type. Take this quiz and find out.

1. If asked what your favorite color is, you might say:

a. Black,
b. Pink,
c. I like lots of different colors,
d. I don't think about things like that. I hate aesthetic choices.

2. Your favorite food is:

a. Potatoes,
b. Probably candy but you like to say broccoli,
c. Ice cream,
d. "Pasta in the style of a glutton" (pasta with potatoes).

3. How do you feel about dessert?

a. I usually would rather have something savory, like a second helping of potatoes.
b. I look forward to it all day! Dessert makes my world go round.
c. I love dessert but don't obsess about it.
d. Love it, but usually I'm too full to go on to dessert.

4. What's your personal style like?

a. Usually I dress like a slob, but occasionally I like to glam it up.
b. I am all about fashion, baby. I dress beautifully.
c. I have my own very iconoclastic style. I'm not afraid to mix things up and look like no one else.
d. I'm afraid to look weird and like to stick to the basics.

5. Which would you prefer to read?

a. The more funky or literary fiction, gripping memoirs of fucked-up childhoods, and European detective novels.
b. Books about princesses.
c. Detective stories and comic books.
d. The Wall Street Journal and serious non-fiction.

6. Favorite drink?

a. Coffee in the morning and prosecco in the evening.
b. Chocolate milk.
c. Izze sodas.
d. Root beer.

7. Your dream vacation destination is ____.

a. Antarctica.
b. Disneyland.
c. Rome.
d. Traveling to see extended family.

8. Your romantic history?

a. Married twice, engaged various other times, have to count on fingers to tot up how many marriage proposals you've received.
b. Never been in a real relationship yet, but that's normal because you're young!
c. You've had a few boyfriends/girlfriends.
d. Married and happy to have gotten out of the dating rat race.

9. How about some shopping?

a. You can't rip me out of a bookstore.
b. I always like new clothes, and I'm always up for a trip to the mall if someone suggests it, but on my own, I won't initiate a shopping trip.
c. I shop 'til I drop! What could be more fun?
d. I hate shopping. I can't stand to be in too many stores. Retail depresses me.

10. What's your dream career?

a. Saving wild animals, but with flexible hours.
b. Princess.
c. Fashion designer.
d. Working at a successful high-tech start-up.

11. How energetic are you?

a. Eh, I'm fairly lazy, but I can have some surprising spurts of industriousness.
b. I love to exercise.
c. On my free days, I don't even want to get dressed. My dream day is spent in my underwear, playing around on the computer, watching TV, reading, calling for a pizza.
d. I can't stand to sit around. I'm always on the go.

For each a answer, one point.
For every b, two points.
A c gets you three points.
Each d wins four points.

If your score is between 11-19: You're a Drunken Housewife! You could do just about anything you wanted to, but usually you can't be bothered. Have another glass of Prosecco and put up your feet.

Between 20-27: You're living in Lolaland! You're a charismatic people-pleaser who can charm (or guilt trip) just about anyone into doing what you want. Feel the power of the cute!

Around 28-36: You're an Iris uber Alles! Your cutting intellect and many talents make you a valuable friend, while your tendency to brood and collect enemy lists makes you a formidable foe. You're confident and sassy.

37 and over: You're a Sober Husband type. Smart and energetic, you're the kind of person who gets things done. Maybe you could use a little make-over. Consider having the Lola or Iris in your life pick you up some new shirts, at the least. Or maybe not. In any event, wave your geek flag with pride!


hokgardner said...

I scored a 29 - just barely in the Iris category.

Silliyak said...

"Where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola...L-O-L-A Lola!" Although I got NO points for #6, because none of them sounded good. Had I chosen Root Beer I'd be a bloomin's Iris.

JKG said...

I chose "princess" as being the rough equivalent of my preferred career: independently and obscenely wealthy philanthropist.

All my points added up to Lola, though I'm not sure that I can guilt anyone into anything and in spite of knowing all the words to "I feel pretty" (a childhood spent in the company of my parents' record collection), I rarely do--at least to the degree of a person who "feels the cute."

In the end, it was probably my fascination with ice cream and Rome as a destination, combined with a very emphatic "d" on #9 that pushed me over the top.

Anonymous said...

This test is all wrong! I Iris got a twenty seven! A Lucy A.K.A. Lola!

hughman said...

i got a 27 too and i think i'm more of an iris.

shabbyvtchic said...

Lola Rocks!

hughman said...

also, i do not like candy or dessert although i do prefer disneyland

Summer said...

Reader for a while, first time poster. The line about a dream vacation in Antarctica inspired me to mention:

A friend of mine has been on extended trips to Antarctica twice for research, and apparently everything there is covered in a thick, reddish-brown slick of penguin poop.

2amsomewhere said...

My answers put me in the Iris League.

1) c
2) c
3) c
4) d
5) d
6) a
7) c
8) b
9) a
10) d
11) a

Was it cruel for me to answer "a" to 8, given my history? :-)

Tell Anton that any time he wants to call me up and talk about lurid fantasies about PHP, he's free to do so, since I'm becoming one of those guys.

... aaaaannnnddd you'll be happy to know that I've been riding the bus to work, thereby starving the parking garage complex and reducing my carbon footprint.


Anonymous said...

I am also a Drunken Housewife! (Not really a surprise though a little disappointing as I'd love to have been a Lola)(no offence!)

Lola said...

Iris Uber Alles, me too – I got an Iris.