Friday, December 11, 2015

what price should we charge

Sophomore Iris was hard at work on her homework when she made a rather random observation to her father that in some places in the world, people charge suitors a goat for the hand of their daughter.  "Would you want a goat for me?"

The Sober Husband started opining about dowries and how we should get a dowry for Iris, and ever pedantic, I couldn't let that stand.  "A dowry is when you don't value women, and you have to pay people to take your daughters.  Iris is talking about bride price.  Bride price is when you value women, and people have to pay to marry them."

Iris challenged me if I would require a goat to marry her off.

"What kind of goat?  I like goats."  Pause.  "I think I would want two goats for Iris."


"I want a goat."

The Sober Husband pointed out that we could require a goat in exchange for Lola's hand as well.  A goat-rich future loomed ahead of us.


Silliyak said...

Not an issue to butt heads over.

Caann said...

Get a fainting goat

Meretricious Consideration said...

Hope everything is okay with you. I miss your posts.

Anonymous said...