Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ugh, another year stuck being me

It's my birthday, a day of great depression and unhappiness always for me. Two "friends" have severed contact with me this week, kind of icing on the cake. Usually I feel on this day that the world would have been a much happier place if I had not been born (certainly my family of origin would have been), but I have to reconsider because that would mean Iris and Lola wouldn't exist. They are so wonderful and really all I have in the world, with the Sober Husband. I guess I have good luck with making a little family, although very little luck with friends.


LibbyBourbon said...

"Friends" are overrated. Birthdays are overrated. From evidence given, sounds like your family of origin is overrated. Daughters are not overrated, not yours, nor your likely overrated family of origin's.
My small corner of world which overlaps yours by the slightest of fingernail-slivers would be less happy had you not been born. So happy birthday.

Caroline said...

You have me!