Tuesday, October 22, 2013

history repeats itself

Years ago my poor little cat Al, who was allergic to plaque, needed to have his teeth pulled, an expensive operation requiring anesthesia and a day-long hospitalization.  Endless squabbling over the cost of pulling Al's teeth ensued, and I even took some odd jobs and sold some belongings to raise the necessaries.

Now this year our most glamorous cat, Frowst, needed several teeth pulled.  He's had some behavioral changes (and none of them for the better -- he's taken to peeing on our shoes and is now referred to as "the Mad Pee-er, he has been bothering the next-door neighbor), and I took him to the vet to see if there were underlying physical issues.  Right off the bat the vet found a mouth of decaying teeth, at least one with an abscess.  Guilt overwhelmed me.

We have an image in our minds of crazy cat ladies as being poor and living in shabby apartments.  Is it because they spend all their money on oral surgeries for their cats?  Thank God the Sober Husband took a new job and is receiving a timely signing bonus.

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Claire M. Johnson said...

We spend thousands of dollars (no exaggeration) treating our diabetic dog. Every time the VISA bill would arrive with dog-related charges on it, my husband would turn to me and say, "You know, this is money that would have been spent on your childrens' college tuition." Which was true, but didn't do squat about the medical issues facing the dog. We have a new dog and I am now terrified that he will also come down with diabetes. I feel your pain, as down my pocketbook.