Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the joys of being thinner

Recently the Sober Husband gave me an impromptu piggyback ride.  I haven't had a piggyback ride from anyone since I was in college, and it was charming, despite the intended squashing of my joy from a certain child, who said, "Did you just squeal?  Seriously?" to me.   Certainly this would never have happened when I was significantly larger, and it was delightful.

Clothes shopping has also been much more delightful.  I tried on a corset dress at a funky boutique on Haight Street, just pulled off the rack at a store which doesn't carry particularly large sizes, and heard those most delicious of words from the salesman:  "You could go down a size, if you want."  

Shoes are also more fun.  I've taken to wearing stilettos whenever there is the slightest excuse.  I previously was under the impression that the reason I couldn't bear to wear insanely high heels was due to my advancing age, but it turned out that once I dropped some weight, my aging feet were game, just like in my twenties.   

As well as judging the squealing, the children are not so enthused about their mother nimbly darting about in corset dresses and stiletto shoes.  Clearly it is not age appropriate.  "Since I'm not employed, I could dress like that every day," I confided to one, who cast me a side eye and sighed heavily.  


Carroll said...

Part of our job as parents is to annoy our pre-and-teen agers as deeply and as frequently as possible. Makes it much easier for all concerned when the time comes for them to flee the nest. Sounds like you are doing a superb job and are right on schedule :-)

PLUS, so **good** **for** **you** with the weight loss!!

Silliyak said...

Off topic...you should buy SH a (fake) coonskin cap to wear to work ;)

the Drunken Housewife said...

@Silliyak: I saw what you're referring to & sent a link to the SH, who felt bad for the raccoon. He doesn't work with the coon-flinger any more (although they sporadically are in touch on a friendly, networky level).

Silliyak said...

To use the parlance of an older time..."I can dig it"