Thursday, May 09, 2013


Before taking little Lola to school, I said, "Brush your hair!"

"Hair doesn't need to be brushed," said Lola defiantly.  She explained that in olden times, people did not brush your hair.  "It is not necessary."  After brushing aside some objections from her mother, Lola continued.  Hair is happier unbrushed, she feels.

The next day the topic was revived.  Lola was undeterred.  "Hair will live on if it isn't brushed!  Well, actually, it's dead."  She intends to write an article about how unnecessary it is to brush hair for the next issue of the children's newspaper for which she toils.  (That will follow her current opus, on the state of cancer research, and prior articles intended to introduce hipsters to new music and convince her father to let her start farming chickens).

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hughman said...

I picture her talking all snappy and sassy like Rosalind Russell in "His Girl Friday".