Wednesday, September 05, 2012

home vs. Burning Man

Last night I got home from a week and a half sojourn away at Burning Man.  I threw my dust-covered possessions in the garage and rejoined my family, who were kind enough to make a "Welcome Home Mommy" sign.

Readjustment to normal life is never completely easy.  At Burning Man, when I have insomnia, I can roll out of bed, put on a jacket, and walk a few yards to a bar where I will find friends.  At that bar, I do not have to pay for my drinks.

On the other hand, when I wish to visit a bathroom here, I don't have to walk half a city block to a portapotty.  Not to mention that a handsome man carried a cup of coffee, made just the way I like it, upstairs to me this morning...

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Robert Atkins said...

Hi drunkenhousewife! I saw you at the Playa and commented on your LED outfit; can you get the Sober Husband to shoot me a mail (ratkins at fastmail dot fm); I've started a google group for LED artists and I'd be honoured if he'd join!