Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a conversation with Lola is like being on drugs

"My breath smells like Izze," said little Lola pensively as she finished her Izze mandarin soda. She blew out her breath in a gust. Her thoughts continuing on this track, Lola babbled happily: "You know what? Izze smells like Izze!"

Lola's older sister and mother were happy to humiliate poor little Lola for this rather obvious remark, and Lola defended herself. "It's the perkiness! I'm suffering from perkiness! It's making me say things like that!"


Jen (no longer) in OR said...

LOL! My daughter tries to blame such outbursts on "the caffeine". She rarely gets soda, and almost never caffeinated at that, but it never stops her trying to blame the poor, innocent caffeine.

hughman said...

i would say that between the parrots, the cats, the SH, the WoW and the fights between the kids, there is not much that wouldn't be like liking on drugs.