Friday, February 18, 2011

the dark that lurks in the hearts of children and an interesting job opportunity

Lola, who just finished reading "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", remarked out of the blue to me the other day, "The sorting hat would put Iris in Slytherin."

I thought that was a bit rich coming from a child who is scheming to put together a criminal gang. Lola has become obsessed with security cameras. Wherever we go, she locates the security cameras and points them out to me. In a local business she became excited, blurting out, "Cut cords! Cut cords!" when it looked like a security camera had already conveniently been disabled.

Lola feels that she has a natural affinity for finding all the security cameras. Now "I need a kleptomaniac", she says frankly. "A kleptomaniac will be used to stealing things." Lola used to think she needed an extra gang member, "someone to figure out what they do with the security cameras", but I explained that in most places the cameras just record what they see. Lola had imagined there was always a person somewhere, or at the least a computer, concentrating on the live feeds, and she thought she needed a gang member to deal with that person. She was relieved to hear that the cameras aren't normally attended and that she didn't need to hire some muscle. "Now I just need a kleptomaniac," she said wistfully.


hughman said...

the more i read these stories, the more i'm informed as to how your children have basically been housed with you by an alien race. while you're concerned with the cats and the pleasures of cooking on your luxurious stove, they have plans for overturning the puny human race and becoming our overlords. granted, the SH seems to house some superhuman intelligence while, in addition to being unusually brilliant, you have an appealing social attraction and enviable cooking skills. combined I feel some extraterrestrial race has chosen you to raise the perfect beings to assimilate and conquer us puny weaklings who are dazzled by Iris and Lola's mesmerizing antics.

Anonymous said...

I find those girls SO VERY amusing. And your recounting of them so true to life! Captcha word: zingese. The native language of the Zingans. signed, Joyce