Wednesday, January 05, 2011

the latest craze

The latest craze around here is a game eleven year-old Iris uber Alles thought up. We have to be each other and stay in character (although Iris, the director of the game, allows herself to break out of character to rage at Lola for being out of character).

Iris's imitation of Lola is pretty much limited to braying "Hyunnh hyunnh hyunnh" nonstop, imitating her little sister's laugh. "Iris, you gotta swear if you're being Lola," I said (Lola has taken up recreational swearing in a big way lately, although I have urged her strongly to limit this to the home). Iris agreed. "Fuck the fuck on! Fuck the fuck on!" she shouted. "Lola says that in a sweet little happy voice," I criticized.

Lola had trouble getting into character at first, and I gave her too some helpful suggestions. "Remember to shout 'LUCY!!!' a lot. Also, you could say, 'I hate you!'"

They made me play the Sober Husband, and I turned on NPR. A voice droned about biochemicals, and I said firmly, "Be quiet. This is interesting. I'm trying to listen." I went easy on him, though, feeling that it would encourage disrespect on the part of the children if I ridiculed their father too much.

Evidently he felt no such compunctions. I was out much of the evening at my life drawing class, and later he said, "We played a new game all evening. I had to pretend to be you, and they were each other."

"Oh? What did you do?" I looked at him. He was shamefaced and unable to admit the hideous truth, although he did mumble something about saying "I need to play Warcraft now" in the game.


Silliyak said...

Do I win comment of the week by default?

the Drunken Housewife said...

Oh, how far we would have to have slipped if that were the case, but there was some comment action on older posts. And it's handed out so erratically. We don't earn our keep around here so much.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Iris is 11! Will you tell her Chamblino said hello? Hope you are your family are well.