Friday, September 17, 2010

my failure

We played cards today, and Iris was a blatant cheater (which I consistently called her out on) and a poor loser. After some reflection, she said to me calmly, "Teaching good sportsmanship is a parent's job. I'm such a poor sport that it's obvious you've done a really poor job." This thought cheered her up, and she smirked. I laughed.


Silliyak said...

Or she's a slow learner ;)

Missy said...

It's her job to be a better cheater, so she doesn't get caught. :-)

I like her thinking. Cady told me last spring that I sucked as a parent, because she was unhappy. Obviously, that made me a suck-y parent because "It's just NOT NORMAL." I have a hard time convincing her that if 13 was a happy time, there wouldn't be so many movies and books about how awful it is/was.