Thursday, May 06, 2010

how did these two crazy kids end up married to each other?

For a week I didn't have a single alcoholic drink, as I had a sore throat, which led to a head cold, which in its turn segued smoothly into a sinus infection. I never drink when I'm ill; my body craves fresh vegetables and ginger ale at those times (I did feel better enough to enjoy a fine margarita on Cinco de Mayo, made with tequila infused with strawberries. I infused the tequila aeons ago and hadn't gotten around to trying it, and it's magic, folks, magic. An amazing, amazing flavor. I strongly recommend to all of you who drink that you pick up a pint of strawberries, rinse them and trim them and chop them up a bit, put them into a Mason jar, and then fill it with a decent tequila. Let it stand for several days).

Meanwhile the Sober Husband has been busy with a lot of pseudo-work, pseudo-social engagements involving drinking: I've been sober, and he's been imbibing. Last night he complained bitterly. "I had to drink beer three days this week. I don't want to drink beer three days a week!"


hughman said...

oh the horror. does this mean he stumbled around hung over the other four days?

Anonymous said...

what beer is he drinking? coors?

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your post re. fur and emails with the head of the Burkes School. Does your child still attend this school?

I must say I've seen a lot on the internet but was quite surprised to see this public airing of semi dirty laundry with a woman that heads the school your kid attends.

while you may not have been satisfied with her response, it was quite disrespectful and trashy of you to post a minor issue like this on your blog.

Hope you found another school more to your satisfaction.

hughman said...

dear anonymous -

wtf? either:

a) you really haven't "seen a lot on the internet" if that post (from ages ago that you're NOW commenting about) shocked or surprised you. obviously you don't read many blogs. or

b) you have some covert connection to the school or headmaster or something.

either way, accusing someone of being "disrespectful and trashy" via an anonymous comment on someone's personal blog is, hmm, what's the word? oh yeah, DISRESPECTFUL AND TRASHY. so why you think someone would give a flying fuck about your opinion in this matter is beyond reason.

cee you next tuesday!!

the Drunken Housewife said...

Oh, please, the head of our school has enough backbone to deal with disputes. And Lord knows I've read much worse things about myself on the internet. I said nothing about her here I did not say directly to her, so there's no backstabbing or hypocrisy.

If you find that fur argument shocking, you must not get out much. Try living a little.

La Vikinga said...

I see the Blogger Police have made it a point to scold you on your past subject matter. How easy it is to anonymously throw rocks in your general direction. Easy and cowardly.

Yvette said...

I wanna know if you refrigerate the tequila while it is infusing or sit it on the kitchen counter along with the hermit crabs and cocooned soon-to-be butterflys? Love your blog btw and play a little WOW myself.

the Drunken Housewife said...

Yvette, either way is fine, but I tend to refrigerate things I'm infusing (largely because I want the liquor cold for drinking purposes). Just strain the strawberry pieces out after a few days -- or after a week. A week would give you more flavor, but requires greater discipline. Thanks for the compliments!

And thanks to you, LaVikinga and Hugh, for your support, which is sweet & appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Re. fur. Yeah it's me again.

Sure anyone can post whatever they want. I've seen it all.

But what kind of example are you providing to your kids? as they get older should they be posting similar comments about disagreements with their classmates?

If this is standard operating prodceure amonsgt the parent body at Burkes I'm sure glad my spouse and I turned down the spot offered to our child. We've been at another private in SF for years where nothing like this occurs.

good luck with that posty, bloggy thing.

the Drunken Housewife said...

My God, you are weirdly limited, anonymous posting mother.

Yes, I think I set a fabulous example for my child with this. Why? Because something happened which deeply upset my child (or did you miss that part? It started with my animal loving child being upset). This was something controversial (or have you somehow failed to notice that fur is a deeply controversial issue in our society?) which was done by the school which we pay richly, in money & time, to be a part of. This is an issue I feel passionately about, and I raised it -- in writing -- with the school administration. I got an unsatisfactory and weak response, and I wrote about that.

What is wrong with that? I want my children to be involved and to care deeply about things and to stand up for their beliefs. I want them to have passionate convictions and the courage of their convictions. I don't want to raise a pair of apathetic or cowardly namby-pambies.

Plenty of people who protest fur throw red paint or picket with signs with pictures of mutilated animals on them. Writing about the school selling cat fur covered toys to earn money is mild in the scheme of fur protests.

And you act, anonymous holier-than-thou, as if this were some kind of snide and shallow snarkiness. It's not as if I were picking on the head's looks or making fun of her clothes (and actually she has an outstanding wardrobe, for that matter; always well turned out).

You also compare this to a "disagreement between classmates." You're completely missing the point there: THIS IS A PROBLEM WITH AN AUTHORITY FIGURE. It's not kids fighting with each other. If my child has a problem with an authority figure, I'd have no problems whatsoever with her writing about it online... preferably after addressing it directly with the authority figure (which I did) and preferably doing it articulately and persuasively.

hughman said...

yeah, i'm sure this loser's kid would be proud of their "parent" trolling the internet to leave snarky passive-aggressive comments on people's blogs about things that are none of their business. that's a real "example" to set for children. god help those kids. DH, i'd thank my lucky stars this woman isn't a part of iris's school.
(the snide little "posty, bloggy" comment says it all. last thing you want is some sarah palin wanna-be wearing lipstick while snorting around the trough.)

the Drunken Housewife said...

And in fact, I was successful. The fur was not sold at the next auction. I think that's a great example for my children of how if they see something wrong, they should speak up and get it changed.

Iris said...

hello, i am the child who's mother is supposedly setting a bad example.

I think that the point of any blog is to chronicle anything that happens to the author of the blog. If an event comes up involving a specific person, it's perfectly fine to write how you feel about their actions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on anything, and I see talking on the blog about the principle selling fur at the festival is just expressing your opinion. Which would be the equivalent of talking about your opinions on a cheese sandwich. Nobody says it's bad to review a cheese sandwich, do they?

Anonymous said...
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Missy said...

Did I miss something? I haven't the slightest idea what the name of the school, and I like to think I catch up here on a daily basis.

As a teacher and a parent, it's not disrespectful for a parent to air differences over a policy concern (which is what I gather this is.) It would be unfair to air publicly in such a forum grading or disciplinary concerns, only because the school cannot legally comment publicly, but even that is rather minor.

As a teacher, I would rather have a parent be open in their disagreement, and civil in how they phrase it, rather than take the passive aggressive approach.

The Drunken Housewife has always been scrupulously respectful to me regardless of the fact that we are on opposite ends politically (although I suspect we probably meet in the middle on more than a few points.) To accuse her of being disrespectful and trashy is ludicrous.

I'd like to say it must be great to have the time to comment on someone who has a blog regarding a school you chose not to have your child attend, but that would be a classic example of a passive aggressive comment.

Dread Pirate Davi said...

I absolutely love that Iris spoke up here. Her response displays her intelligence and the wonderful influence of her intelligent and passionate mother.