Wednesday, April 14, 2010


- The geek torch has been passed from one generation to the next. Young Iris uber Alles subjected her classmates to an extra credit report on "Dr. Who" and has managed to become the official expert in the household on the 22nd century doctors. She called her father urgently the other day to alert him that "today you can download the new "Dr. Who!"

- I've started some art classes after a long hiatus. I'm painting or drawing every day, and Lola is incredulous. "Why would you take a CLASS? A CLASS with HOMEWORK?" Even when Lola joins me in doing my art homework, she shakes her head in sorrowful pity from time to time at my idiocy.

- Speaking of my art homework, I need ten words which describe me. There will be prizes if someone leaves words in the comments which I use!

- Lola's been sidelined with a urinary tract infection this week, missing a few days of school. I was treating this with baths (no bubble paths or scented soaps, of course) and cranberry juice, but it got worse, and the Sober Husband was highly critical that I hadn't taken her to the pediatrician. Today we saw a pediatrician, who advised that we treat Lola with baths and cranberry juice.

- I haven't logged into the World of Warcraft for nearly a week. This is mostly due to the fact that I've been busy with my art classes, but also due to a mania for Clue. I picked up a "Vintage Clue" edition last week when the children were on spring break, and we all play Clue together for hours every night. Lola insists upon being "Rachel Francesca Scarlett", the name "Miss Scarlett" being insufficiently grand for her.

- I was determined to watch some grown-up movies for once, and I rather randomly picked "Donnie Darko" and "Secretary" to see. I didn't realize until over halfway through "Donnie Darko" that I had accidentally programmed us a Gyllenhaal Sibling Film Festival. The Sober Husband liked "Donnie Darko" so much that he yammered on for days about its theories of physics and time travel, but remarked of "Secretary," "I don't know what that movie was about. I watched it, but don't ask me what it was about."


Iriszilla said...

don't forget ten words that describe ME!!!

the Drunken Housewife said...

Excuse me, this is my homework, which includes an instruction to make a list of 10 words describing me, not you. Go do your own homework!

Anonymous said...

I finished my homework. i thought i made that very clear. so I can do whatever it is that I want, and right now that is to get people to supply ten words to describe me. so yeah.

the Drunken Housewife said...

If you're going to spend your time annoying your mother ON HER VERY OWN BLOG, then I might just think up some chores for you to do. You can start by listing 10 words that describe your dear, dear mother.

Anonymous said...

I am not annoying you. I am annoying your blog readers.

hughman said...

you'd never seen donnie darko??? "i'm beginning to doubt your commitment to sparkle motion". also, tears for fears!!

DH : shimmering, idiosyncratic, scintillating, amusing, pedantic, discriminating, droll, generous, endearing

iriszilla : precocious. scary. monarchic

Anonymous said...

New to the blog but love it, esp. as a fellow over-educated former lawyer with little kids. Let's see:
- generous
- erudite
- epicurean
- warm-hearted
- witty
- accomplished
- creative
- stacked
- passionate
- urbane

Missy said...

Iconoclastic; free thinking; kind; persevering; curious; creative; merciful; intelligent; gifted; appreciative, focused, engaged.

Iris: Intelligent; determined; curious; questioning; stubborn; playful; gifted, argumentative, loving, beautiful.

La Vikinga said...

Confident, frank, self-assured, unusual, reflective, hilarious, exuberant, courageous, instinctive, determined, and if "wow" was a descriptive, I'd throw that in for good measure.

Anonymous said...

On a completely unrelated note, have you read today's "Pearls Before Swine" (also written by a reformed lawyer, by the way)? Cupy, meet Tubey!

Silliyak said...

"Get Fuzzy" is not bad either

Hanna said...

DH: warm-hearted
(Just putting my vote in for this one because you already have plenty of great ones from others)

Iriszilla Uber Alles: Fascinating, Dictatorial, Awesome, Exasperating, Brilliant, Creative, Discerning, Engaged, Mysterious, Stupendous.

Iris said...

I read that pearls before swine! i read Pearls Before Swine every day i can it is hilarious... "We're still working on Tubey's social problems."

the Drunken Housewife said...

Y'all are far too kind, far too kind... my own list started with "frizzy-haired" and "lazy."

AnnPW said...


What do I win?

I'd add "funny" but I see that "hilarious" has already been suggested, so you might want to go with that.

I think Iris is better off coming up with her own list - much more entertaining for her and us!