Saturday, January 23, 2010

an entry in the ongoing study of a young hypochondriac

Today I insisted that we all walk down to the library, as I had overdue books and we all needed some exercise (and the rain had let up after five days of storms). Iris uber Alles was game, but Lola was upset.

"You need exercise, Lola! You haven't had any exercise today."

"Then why am I kicking my legs?" Lola, lying prone on the landing, kicked her legs listlessly over and over again, attempting to prove that she got more than enough exercise without being made to leave the home. This falling flat, Lola was compelled to go out.

As we walked down the hill, Lola explained that it makes her throat hurt to walk on a slant. This symptom was complained of all the way to the library.


hughman said...

obvs. only stringent athletes have the ability to kick their legs.

Anonymous said...

that hurts my throat too.

Carol Ann said...

It's a lifetime habit. That's the way my grandmother behaved in declining physical therapy after getting out of the hospital. "All they're going to do is make me kick my legs and wave my arms, and I can do that by myself. See!"