Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Iris has taken up recreational eavesdropping in a big way. The other day the Sober Husband and I had a long conversation in the shower, which had always been the best place to talk openly, as the children are rather bath-averse, but when I opened the door, Iris said accusatorily, "I heard everything you said."

"What? I didn't even say anything bad! Did you hear the part where I said we should raise your allowance?"

"I heard it all," she said with a baleful glare.

Last night the husband and I were again talking when I suddenly raised my voice and said, "Iris, I hear you eavesdropping."

"How can you hear her eavesdropping?" the husband asked.

"She said, 'hush' to Lola."

Iris said stoutly, "I'd be stupid not to eavesdrop. I learn a lot of things." I asked her what the best thing was that she'd ever heard while eavesdropping, and she pondered. "Most interesting or best? Because most things I hear are not good."


Vodalus said...

You totally need a white-noise machine.

Amy said...

Teach her to EATSdrop and send the messages to Hedonia, lol.

Freewheel said...

I hope she puts the good stuff up on her blog.

Dread Pirate Davi said...

They say those that drop eaves never hear anything good about themselves. =)

Anonymous said...

Kids are little fuckers. I always eavesdropped on my parents unless they were fornicating. I couldn't stand to hear that. Mostly my parents fought so it wasn't hard to overhear.

Missy said...

My children cannot hear "Come set the table" but if we start talking about having to move because of the economy...they storm downstairs in a nanosecond.