Wednesday, July 01, 2009

it skipped two generations --- why not three generations

Lola has always had a lot of special physical gifts. As a baby, she crossed her eyes spontaneously one day, and after everyone reacted with "Look at the baby's crazy eyes!" and doting on her, she made "crazy eyes" forever after. Once I raised one eyebrow at then-toddler Lola, who considered and then perfectly quirked a single eyebrow (her father still can't raise a single eyebrow, and I only taught myself to after considerable effort, during a "Star Trek" phase as a child). These feats were all the more amazing as Lola didn't even talk yet.

Recently she took up sport burping, so much burping that often she is sent into the backyard to spare her mother's sensibilities. An awestruck Iris once returned to tell me, "Lola burped sixty-nine times so far, and it hasn't even been an hour!"

The Sober Husband informed the children that his grandfather had been able to make himself burp on command and how amazing and rare that was. Lola burped at him. "Wait, did she do that on purpose?" Lola burped again, proving that she was indeed burping on command.

Iris got excited. "Lucy, you have GOT to teach me that!" Later Iris came up to me, depressed. "Lucy says that I have to SWALLOW air, not breathe it. Eat it. Then I will burp. But I don't get it."

Later Iris claimed to have mastered this arcane art, but I am not convinced. The two of them go around bragging, "Burping skips two generations. We are the generation that burps. We can burp whenever we want!"

I am not charmed.


natashia said...

my kids love this burping game. they try and burp the alphabet and songs, etc. lola once burped so much that she threw up. ah, the joys.

Missy said...

Coincidentally, my younger daughter does this burping thing...and I'm appalled. She informed me tonight that if you try to minimize it, it just doesn't work.

I pictured her living at home at 40.

On the other hand, the ability to master so easily physical things like this...the "g" word, gifted. Lola can see and do it by instinct.

Hide the car keys!
(()) Missy

Jen in OR said...

I wish my 9yo daughter only burped. Her favorite thing is to run to the dinning room table when she needs to pass gas. Apparently the wood chair, wood floor and vaulted ceiling make for excellent acoustics. Bah!