Friday, June 22, 2007

those ladies who lunch

I took seven year-old Iris Uber Alles and four year-old Lola out for lunch, and they were unusually chatty.

"If you were locked in a room with reaaally thin walls and no door and you had a sock, a mirror, and a peach, what would you do?" asked Iris.

Lola refused to get drawn in. "If I were a princess, I'd dance all the way to my dreams," she said wistfully.


hughman said...

and what was your solution to the problem??

2amsomewhere said...

If the peach isn't ripe, then it should still be firm. You could use it to smash the mirror. Take the resulting shards and throw them into the sock and then use said sock to flail your way through the wall.

The tradeoff, seven years bad luck, a mismatched sock, and one wasted peach.

On second thought, I'll just wait for the peach to ripen and enjoy that instead.

I guess it's for the better that Iris doesn't see Tommy. Lord only knows what she'd try to pull off with a large can of Rex Beans and a mirror. Now that was not one of Ann Margaret's finer moments.

(knows better than to hang around with Uncle Ernie and Cousin Kevin)

Susan said...

They have wonderful imaginations!!!